ReliScore for Companies


ReliScore offers a variety of skills assessment and hiring solutions for companies. These include online tests for filtering interview candidates, skill assessment for employees, programming contests, and top talent referrals.

How It Works

  • Test Creation

    ReliScore creates a customized test based on Job Description, and specific customer requirements.

  • Candidates

    Invitation sent to candidates to take the online test.

  • Filtering

    Login to ReliScore to view candidates' test scores and ReliScore short-listing recommendations.

  • Final Interview

    Directly call shortlisted candidates for the final round tech interview. Save time by skipping key word resume search, phone screens, intermediate interview rounds.

  • Hire!

    Improve hiring quality and interview success ratio. Improve overall talent base, and save on senior tech panelists' time.

ReliScore Solutions

The ReliScore assessment technology is being used by companies in a number of different ways: for assessment of job candidates, assessment of existing employees, contests for employee engagement, contests for branding, etc.


Recruiting Assessments & Candidate Filtering

ReliScore provides all online tests that are customized based on each customer’s requirements. Typically, a test is configured for each Job Description. ReliScore engages with the hiring managers and HR/Recruiting to understand specific requirements and work on this test configuration. We do not believe in ‘standard tests’.

ReliScore has a large library of assessment content across various domains and levels of experience.  And we are constantly upgrading our content, based on market requirements.

ReliScore tests are not purely based on multiple choice objective questions. Programming, Debugging, QA Simulations, Support Scenarios, and other Engineering Simulations, and related questions form an integral part of our assessment content. This is inline with our philosophy of testing for ‘actual job skills’ and making the candidate do the kind of work they would be required to do on job.

ReliScore provides a recommended grading of candidates, based on their test performance. Customers can use these recommendations to short-list or reject the candidates.


Internal Skills Assessment

ReliScore Internal Skills Assessment provides online assessments for evaluating tech competencies of employees across various skills and experience levels, customized for the company’s competency matrix.

ReliScore has in-house expertise in developing assessments for all levels of experience, ranging from freshers to senior software architects (10+ years experience)



Programming Contests

ReliScore provides Programming and Tech Challenges and Contests  for internal employees as well as external participants.

Internal Contests are typically used for employee engagement, creating a competitive, learning oriented culture and for driving innovation.

External Contests are typically used for brand building and hiring.

ReliScore can customize contests in various formats and levels of difficulty. Contests can single or multi-level, varying duration ranging from a few hours to few weeks; individual or team entries.

ReliScore supports a wide range of technologies, programming languages, platforms and skill levels.


Referral Services

ReliScore provides referral services for top talent from mid-to-CXO level. While ReliScore is not a typical “Recruitment Service Provider,” we are constantly in touch with top tech and senior management candidates, leveraging our extensive network.

As a result of this, we maybe able to help you in finding that a top developer, architect, a VP Engineering, or an India Head.

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